Bloomberg Java API Wrapper: jBloomberg

jBloomberg is an open source (Apache 2) Java library that wraps the low level Bloomberg Java API. A couple of usage examples are given at the bottom of the package javadoc page .

The main advantages of this library vs. the Bloomberg API are:

  • Less string based configuration: whenever possible I have used enums to remove the typos issues
  • Straight forward: retrieving historical data literally takes 5 lines of code, whereas when using the Bloomberg API, the code gets quickly cluttered with parsing, error handling and so on
  • Builder based design: most queries to Bloomberg are prepared with builders using the fluent interface pattern
  • The library takes thread safety seriously (so does the Bloomberg API) – all actions / objects are thread safe and can be used in a multi threaded application
  • Uses the standard java.util.concurrent package objects, so the syntax / way of doing things should look familiar to Java developers. For example, a historical data request returns a Future<RequestResult>
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