Posting in using Markdown

This post is obsolete since WordPress now allows to write posts with Markdown directly (in the dashboard: Settings / Writing / Check the Markdown box).
I’m leaving it for the record and MarkdownPad is still a nice tool.

I’m getting a little tired of composing my posts in HTML so I’ve downloaded MarkdownPad which enables to convert from Markdown to HTML.

I am fairly used to StackExchange websites which use Markdown so typing a post will become much quicker and easier 😉

Once the text is finalised in MarkdownPad, Tools > Preview Markdown in Browser (F6) then right click > view source in your favourite browser, copy paste the body to et voila.

The only caveat is that code is formatted as html code but looks better when using the [sourcecode] tag which adds nice-looking syntax highlighting. This has to be done manually.

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One thought on “Posting in using Markdown

  1. isme says:

    Thanks for the tip about MarkdownPad! Too many times I’ve blown away a carefully-crafted question on StackExchange by mistaking my browser’s back button for a backspace.

    And thanks for the tip about the tag. Until now I’ve written my posts in Windows Live Writer, which has several code-formatting plugins, but none of them have worked very well for me.

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